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The till software plentyPOS consists of the free plentymarkets app and the fee-based ERP software plentymarkets. The software is cloud based and can be operated with a variety of hardware.

3 components make up your till

  • POS licenses

    £ 39-*
    per month and till
  • plentymarkets ERP

    from £ 39-*
    per month
  • Hardware

* all prices are excluding VAT

Order plentyPOS directly

And here’s how:

  • 1. Book a plentymarkets system

    Behind plentyPOS lies the plentymarkets e-commerce ERP. None of the orders processed through your till(s) incur any additional costs. You may also want to use other functions in plentymarkets (e.g. online store, marketplaces), which can result in additional costs.

  • 2. Buy hardware or check if your existing hardware is compatible

    plentyPOS runs on numerous mobile devices and is compatible with all of the major hardware for brick and mortar stores. Our service partners can help you buy or lease complete hardware packages or individual devices.

  • 3. Install & set up the plentymarkets app

    We charge a monthly fee for every till set up and actively used in plentymarkets. The plentymarkets app itself is free.

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