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Easily ring up customers – online and offline


Marketplaces and Shop

plentyPOS helps you connect your brick and mortar store with your online business: plentymarkets provides you with more than 50 interfaces to online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay,, Etsy and many more free of charge. With just a few clicks, you can promote your products everywhere your customers are and increase your sales! Thanks to centralised stock and item management, you can keep track of your products and avoid overselling. The ERP system ideally combines product management, order processing and customer data management.


Order it online and pick it up in the store? Many buyers love this service. You can finalise online purchases with your POS, no matter which channel they came from.

POS as a Service

Free updates ensure that your system is always up to date in terms of legal compliance and functionality.

plentyPOS Features

  • Offline Function

    The online approach to plentyPOS has many advantages. But what if you lose your internet connection? Just continue selling. Data will be updated as soon as you are back online.

  • PIM and Stock Management

    In plentymarkets, you maintain items centrally and get them ready to be sold on various channels - all with just one data record! The stock management function automatically checks your stock levels on every channel and helps you avoid overselling.

  • Combine Payment Methods

    Not only can you accept card payments, but you can also accept invoices and of course cash payments. Your customers can use several different payment methods within one transaction, for example if they want to pay part of the amount with a gift card.

  • Legal Security

    plentyPOS includes a detailed system for logging and reporting your cash transactions and financial documents. You can export these reports from your system at any time. The certified GoBD-export facilitates audits by using IDEA software.

  • Users and Rights

    User accounts and rights are managed centrally. You can easily determine which areas your employees should have access to and which rights and permissions they should be given. For example, use a " cashier" role to specify which functions are necessary and then assign this role to your employees.

  • Low Start-Up Costs

    Thanks to the variety of supported hardware and the adjustable fees, your system can grow along with the needs of your online and offline business.

Additional Functions

  • Numerous discount options:
    • Discounts as a percentage or a fixed rate
    • Discounts on the entire order or specific items
    • Promotional coupons, manual price changes
  • Quickly switch user account with a PIN
  • Returns
    • Option: Refund the customer with a gift card
    • With or without reference to original order, storage location
    • Return all or only some of the items
  • Ability to pause transactions that were already started
  • Procedural documentation in German
  • Ability to save favourite items per till and user
  • Free add-on for displaying customisable information to customers
  • Wide range of options for automating your order processing and fulfillment tasks
  • Gift cards for a fixed or customisable amount
  • Different prices for different customer classes
  • Additional options for selling miscellaneous items
  • Decimal quantities are supported
  • Customisable deposit and withdrawal types
  • Scan-options for selecting regular or returning customers
  • For Austria: DEP export and signed receipts
  • Currencies: EUR, GBP and CHF

Hardware examples

  • End devices

    • Elo Touch I-Series
    • Samsung Tab A
    • M3 SM-10

    Android version 5 and higher or iOS (unsupported) version 10 and higher.

  • Customer displays

    • Epson DM-D30
    • Elo 1002L
    • 4K-Monitor

    Any monitor (via plentyBase). Customisable graphics and text.

  • Card terminals

    • Verifone H5000
    • Ingenico IPP480
    • Ingenico Desk 500
    • Sumup

    Numerous other ZVT-compatible terminals.

  • Cash drawers

    All major cash drawers that can be controlled by the printer via RJ12 interface.

  • Printer

    • Epson TM-m30
    • Epson TM-T88 V-i
    • Epson TM-T88VI-iHUB

    The printer should support the ePOS-Print API. In Germany, use is restricted to Technical Security Device (TSE-compliant) models.

  • Scanners

    • Inateck BCST-10
    • Datalogic Heron

    Numerous Bluetooth and USB hand scanners.

You can find a detailed list of compatible hardware here.
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